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Ancient Warriors Unearthed in Denmark Essay

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Ancient Warriors Unearthed in Denmark
Human remains with obvious wounds, along with weapons, were found, suggesting that a major battle went down at a 2,000 year old site in the wetlands of East Jutland, Denmark.   This location was known as the “Holy Valley”, which was a highly known area to conduct sacrificial rituals, during the Iron Ages.   The discovery of human bones is always a head scratcher, making you curious as to what really happened here and whose bones are these?  
Archaeologist Mads Kahler Holst, from the Aarhus University in Denmark, discovered some very interesting objects which may sound like a crime scene, during his excavation in the wetlands of Denmark.   His findings included a fractured skull and thighbone that were hacked in half, along with a few axes, spears, clubs and shields, which he says “indicate that the 2,000-year-old site was the scene of a major battle.”   These findings date to the birth of Jesus, and may have involved some religious sacrifices.   “There’s a religious dimension,” said Dr. Holst, due to his findings of goat skulls and ceramic pots, suggesting that a food offering might have occurred.   Dr. Holst and his team’s findings of some destructed bones that ended up in the lake, either during or after this epic battle that took place, bring up some serious questions; like how exactly did this battle start, what was it about, and who were these warriors that they discovered?   What they do know is that all these warriors found were of male gender and ranged from teenagers to men in their 50’s.   Over the years they have uncovered about 240 bodies, plus numerous weapons and artifacts.  
One main artifact was some sort of wooden object, that might have interpreted a female goddess figurine, said Dr. Holst.   This brings up another thought as to how this battle started, which now a days is a common problem, women!   There was evidence that this area at the time was populated with small Scandinavian villages, and the expansion of...

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