Ancient Slavery in the Colonial South

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Name Instructor Task Date ANCIENT SLAVERY IN THE COLONIAL SOUTH The various advancements in the world prompted nations to race for superiority. During this time, a nation’s level of superiority was determined by the amount of resources that it had. This was a period characterized by low level of technological advancement and development. There was no limit to accumulation of resources, which gave European nations sufficient reasons to transcend their boundaries and exploit areas they perceived to be endowed with invaluable resources. The penetration of the colonialist was not welcome by various indigenous communities who resorted to resistance to guard their resources. However, the dominant nations established successful rule over their colonies that led to controlled exploitation of the resources. They contained these resistances and introduced slavery as a means of achieving their primary objective of exploiting resources. Moreover, many European nations adopted slavery and employed it as a form of oppression and persecution. The period between fifteenth and seventeenth century marked and witnessed an increase in adventures between nations of the world to explore new territories, which might contain invaluable resources. This led to the scramble and partition of colonies among the powerful European nations. Even today, many nations are because of the scramble and partition of ancient colonies (Ripper, 28). The southern colonies consisted of the colonies that the Europeans had created in North America. Their sudden interest in North America was prompted by the Trans-Atlantic slave trade because north America was an ideal place for agriculture and trade. However, slavery was the form of a trade carried out in North America and every European nation decided the method of implementing it. North American colonies of Maryland, Carolina, and Virginia were
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