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Ancient Rome Essay The Roman civilisation is different to Modern day Australia’s civilisation. In Ancient Rome, the daily life is different from Modern day Australia thought they have little similarities. In Ancient Rome people were very good at engineering and understanding Greek science but they really didn’t do science themselves. In Modern day Australia we not just use science that was developed by others we use science to make new discoveries and technologies. Daily life in ancient Rome is different to daily life in modern day Australia. In Ancient Rome everything depended on social class and status. Ancient Rome was a patriarchal society meaning that it is a country controlled by male. This leads to the male to have total control over their family. A girl would get married when became 12 years of age and a boy would get married when he is 14 years of age. The parents arrange the marriages so that the male family is responsible for looking after the girl.1 Secondly by marrying the other family the families have a link between each other forming an alliance. In the early Ancient Roman days a boy's education would take place at home. Education is an important aspect of a boy’s daily life because when he grew older he would have to be in charge of the family and business. Girls and women were just trained for domestic life so they just learnt how to cook, spin and sew. In middle ages Rome education was held at school, usually only the rich boys were allowed to attend school because school wasn’t for free so the poor couldn’t afford it and also their children had to work to earn money. They wore tunics under the togas. The togas had different colours and designs depending on the social class and status of the wearer2. In modern day Australia social class is not as important as it is in Rome. 2Australia is not a patriarchal society so not everything was controlled

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