Ancient Rome: Demise Of The Roman Empire

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``Ì came, I saw, I conquered``. This quote from Julius Caesar perfectly represents how the Roman Empire was run until it destroyed itself. In 476 CE the Roman Empire began to destroy itself. To begin with Rome`s economic policies created an unsustainable system. Secondly the adoption of Christianity ruined unity in Rome. Thirdly Rome`s military short comings ruined their civilization in the long run. In conclusion the Roman Empire caused its own demise. Rome`s economic policies created an unsustainable Rome. When the Roman system of capturing foreign lands and enslaving them started to fail so did the Roman economy, the over inflation of the Roman economy lead to a loss of economic freedom, the Romans lack of innovation lead to an…show more content…
When Constantine adopted Christianity the unity in Rome disintegrated, different Roman emperors dealt with Christians in a different way some killing some not and the Western Empire adopting Christianity meant that they were even more separated from the thriving Byzantine Empire. “In the fourth century Constantine adopted Christianity” (Source: Newman 208-209) as the religion of the eastern empire he destroyed the unity in Rome. The destruction of unity in Rome meant that there were Romans hating Romans just because of their religious beliefs. When two contradicting religious beliefs coexist so close to each other there will be religious wars and this created a separation between Romans of the east and Romans of the west. Rome’s emperors contradicted each other many times in history, not the least of which on the topic of Christianity. ``Some of the Roman emperors persecuted the Christians and murdered them but then Constantine came around and adopted it as Rome’s religion`` (Source: Oxford dictionary of the Christian Church). The way the different emperors of Rome jumped between religions made their citizens have less faith in them and not letting the citizens not know what to belief in destroyed unity in Rome. The adoption of Christianity disconnected the falling Western Roman Empire further from the thriving Byzantine Empire (Source: This is significant because the Romans could have learned a lot from the Byzantine. The Byzantine Empire was innovate and well structured unlike the Roman Empire where they did not like change or use different ideas, if the Romans had learned from the Byzantine Empire they could have lasted even longer. Finally when Constantine adopted Christianity as the religion of this destroyed the unity within the

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