Ancient Roman Military Success

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The Ancient Roman Military’s Keys to Success Mitt Romney, a very influential politician of our time, once said that one must “insist on a military so powerful no one would ever think of challenging it.” Although Romney is a modern politician, the idea of military dominance is ancient, dating back to the time of Ancient Rome. The Romans knew that their empire would only be successful with an intimidating and powerful army, and upon being threatened, decided to reform their military so it would become one of the greatest in history. Ancient Rome was successful militarily because of the size, organization and discipline, and tactics and strategy of their infantry forces. Like every other great empire, Rome didn’t simply become great overnight. From 650 BC to 509 BC, an Italian tribe referred to as the Etruscans dominated the Northern Italy, including Rome. They borrowed much of their culture from the Creek colonists in the south. This included their alphabet (Roman Military). It believed that the Etruscans aided in founding the Roman monarchy and ruled Rome from 600 to 500 BC. The Roman nobility overthrew the last Etruscan king in 509 BC and instituted their own republican constitution, which included two representatives. An assembly dominated by the nobility elected these representatives. The Roman republic also had a Senate that advised the representatives and ratified major decisions, normally in the favor of the nobility that elected them (The Roman Army). Rome had very little protection in the early years of its sovereignty. Its military was more like a militia made up of Roman men who were basically unarmored, poorly armed, and wore only leather helmets for protection. In the rare occurrence of battle, this militia used hoplite-like tactics. The men fought in a battle formation called the phalanx, made up of ranks and files where the spears were held
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