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World Literature After reading these plays and poems you first realized that most of their writings are based on everyday life activities. The conflicts that occur in families, between neighbors and general wars between people of all generations are the factors that create the battles. Whether it is between men and woman, men and men or women and woman the conflicts endure. A lot of the actions in these stories reflect what is going on in our society now. When reading the Oedipus it is filled with lots of family drama involving the king himself and the members of his family. First the plight brought upon the city that stems from the true ancestry of his parents, the mystery of who was really his mother and father. He not knowing that he killed his real father and was actually sleeping with his mother was an interesting and tragic. He actually seemed to govern with anger and resentment as in the case of not letting Polynices have a proper burial because he brought a foreign army into the battle. Then to tell his daughters that he would condemn them to death for trying to bury their brother was totally adds to family dysfunction. When I read the isle of Lesbos, I was really kind a of shock to find out that lesbians were present in Greek times. At first I thought she was just an accomplish female lyrists that was ignore because of the woman man conflict in general. Sappho works were so sensual and to the point, it brings to mind a picture of what she was describing. She was so detail in her work that you can actually see what she was saying. You can interpret the sexual content in the verses as she displays her love for Aphrodite. This verse was arriving quickly—you, blessed One, with a smile on your unaging face asking again what have I have suffered and why am I calling again present her passion for pursuing a goddess of love she can’t forget. In

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