Ancient Greeks Essay

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The ancient Geeks had a significant impact on the western civilization. Ancient Greek culture can be seen all over the world. In the fields of art, architecture philosophy, math and drama. One Greek who made contributions to philosophy was Socrates. He believed in the Socratic Method he stated people should question the world around him. In many countries all over the world. Schools still use Socrates method of learning. Another famous Greek philosopher was Aristotle. According to him human reason was the most important human quality. Men like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle believed that using your brain rather than using mythology to solve questions. Another major achievement of the Greeks was there government. Athens had a democratic government. Athenian democracy was a direct democracy many citizens voted directly on issues. Most citizens were expected to serve the government. Although was a democratic Athens had it’s problems. Only a small proportion of citizens could vote. Women couldn’t vote and if you were a male you had to be born in Athens and your mother’s father had to be a citizen of Athens. Many other countries such as Canada, USA, and England are democratic they all have the same roots of a democratic government. Many of there government can be traced back from Greece. Another achievement the Greeks were there beautiful architecture they made. In Greece there are many fine buildings with the Greek columns. Greek columns can be seen in government building all over the world such as the Lincoln memorial and the white house these features are influenced in the western civilization. In conclusion many roots of western civilization can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. Ancient Greek cultures can be seen all over the world. In the fields of art, architecture, philosophy, math and

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