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Ancient Greek Religion Ancient Greece’s culture was predominately influenced by the people’s belief in gods and goddesses. Greek religion is based off of mythology dating back to the beginning of their civilization. Greece had numerous gods and goddesses that had certain characteristics. Ancient Greek gods were in the form of humans, but they possessed supernatural abilities. They were ageless and deathless. The gods and goddess were not limited by physical restrictions, and they could do any immoral act without it being considered wrong. The gods also had the ability to change forms into anything they wanted. The various gods were said to live on Mount Olympus where they could look over all the people (“Church History Study Helps: Ancient Greek Religion”). Some of the major gods and goddesses included Zeus, Hera, Athena, and Poseidon. Zeus was the son of the titan, Cronus. He possessed greatness from birth. Zeus was able to control the weather and strike lightening down to earth. The people of Greece said that lightening was a sign of Zeus’s presence. Although strong and powerful, Zeus was a strong believer in hospitality. If a human was not hospitable to someone, they would have to face the wrath of Zeus. Zeus did have a negative quality about him. He was obsessed with fornicating with earthly women even though he was married to a goddess named Hera. He is a prime example of how gods could do immoral acts that humans dare not do. His wife, Hera, was the queen of the gods and the goddess of weddings and marriage. She was outraged with Zeus’s actions and took revenge of his sexual partners. Another well-known goddess is Athena. Athena is the goddess of war and cunning wisdom. She would often times accompany people into battle to protect them. She also was the goddess of pot-making and wool-working. Athena was associated with the city and almost every town in

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