Ancient Greek Civilization Essay

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Ancient Greece Civilization 1. Time Period Ancient Greece was considered to go through many different time periods. The Archaic Period, which has been described as when artist made larger free standing figures. The Classical Period, where the style now known as “classical” came from. Examples like the Parthenon are often given. Then finally the Hellenistic Period, when the ancient Greek civilizations culture and power expanded to the Middle East. Ancient Greece became otherwise known as the birthplace of Western civilization. It had a great time span starting from the Early Bronze Age of 3000 BC all the way to the Hellenistic period up to about 30 BC. The Greeks heavily influenced the Romans. However, each civilization had its own take on life and the life of its citizens resulting in different social values and cultural practices. 2. Geography The territory of Ancient Greece is mountainous. As an effect of this, Greece consisted of smaller territories and regions. These smaller territories all had their own dialect, identity, and cultural practices. During the Archaic period, the population of Greece exploded. It ended up growing beyond the capacity that the land could hold. 3. Religion The Greek religion composed primarily of Zeus, the father and king of the Gods, as well as many other deities whom were either brothers or sisters of Zeus or his children. The main aspects of the Greek religion did not have much to do with a system of belief but instead the focus was more on taking action to please the gods. What really mattered to the Greek people was to secure the goodwill of the gods so that in return they can benefit from all of their worshipping. The Greeks were not preoccupied with the future life that comes after death, but instead their objective was to secure a good life while they were living it; people living in the now, and not thinking

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