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The Ancient Greece culture has made many contributions to western civilization. The ancient Greeks has changed our arts, government, sports, architecture, philosophies, drama, science and math. The Greek culture has had a very huge impact on the way people live today. One way that ancient Greece affected the western civilization is their politics. Greece had the first democracy.(Doc.8) The Greeks affected many of our constitutional rights today. In both the US democracy and the Athenian democracy political power. An example of the political power to to be exercised by the citizen in Athens was that laws were voted on and directly by assembly of all citizens. The Olympics first started around the year of 776 BCE, but probably they began sooner. The acient Greek loved getting competitions of all sorts, especially sporting competitions. The Olympics was a famous and very popular sport peopled watch. The athletes who participated in in the games would play naked, no matter what sport they wear naked. (Doc.9) The Olympics took place to worship Zeus, the god of lightning. Now the Olympics are played in sport wear. Also people world wide watch it. The Parthenon is a building which was built by the Greek in the 5th century B.C.E.(Doc.6)this building shows one of the many achievements that were made by the Greek. It was a huge building with huge columns that seem impossible to even make in our society. There are 3 different types of columns were ionic, Doric, and Corinthian. You can see ideas from the Parthenon used around buildings In the U.S. Take a look at your library for a second and also The White House, you will see the art reflect the Greek arquitecture. Greek achievements and ideas are a big part of today society because they influenced the way we built and do things for example building columns which represents the arts that

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