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The Women of Ancient Greece Being a woman in ancient Greece was a difficult but very important job. The importance of women differed between Sparta and Athens. The lifestyles of the two city-states varied which caused their view of women to be slightly different. Even though the Spartans and Athenians had different views about women they still had similarities that made them very successful city-states that lasted for thousands of years. The Spartan and Athenian women’s lifestyles were the same because they were responsible for bearing and raising children as well as managing the household. Being a woman during this time their duties was to remain indoors and tell the servants what to do around the household and make sure they do it, also to receive the incomings and buy what needed to be bought. The women needed to be the family accountants and make sure that the money made in a year was not spent in a month. Lastly they were responsible for all of the clothing that the family needed as well as take care of the ill. The opposing views on women are what set the two city-states apart. In Sparta the women that were to have children needed to be brought up well and nourished with the plainest diet. Like the men of Sparta, the women too had to do physical training. The training was no easier than the men’s. This was because if both parents were strong their children would be more robust. Unlike the women of Athens, the women of Sparta were strong and powerful and could fend for themselves. Athenian women were meant just for raising children and maintaining a household; they were seen but not heard. The Spartan and Athenian’s different views of the world shaped their conceptions of gender and gender roles. In Athens women could participate in religious cults and festivals but other than that they were excluded from the public life. They were not allowed

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