Ancient Egyptian Essay

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Throughout history there have been a number of civilizations, empires, colonies, and tribes that have contributed to the evolution of technology, society, and the prosperity of human kind. Debate amongst the most essential aspect is nearly impossible in that every civilization has changed the world in one way or another. Civilizations have achieved prosperity through economic succession, extended periods of peace, military power, efficient government, etc. All though there is a vast amount of contributions and characteristics that can sum up the success of an empire or civilization, its definitive form of government is the most vital aspect that reflects a culture's triumph. Of these ancient civilizations: Classical Greece, Imperial Rome, the Han Dynasty, Nilotic Africa, and Mauryan, each had its own interpretation of government to control the people of the land. These differences and evolving patterns of ideas only benefits the future through setting examples, good and bad, and making an impact on history forever. Wake, eat, work, drink, sleep, dream... these are the things all individuals spend their limited time on Earth doing day to day. Little has changed from the early beginnings of man, but throughout history, people have found ways to do many of the same things in different ways. Daily life is what satisfies our existence as humans, the only thing that separates human from animal, in that people can be convinced or manipulated that their time is being spent wisely and contributing to this small speck of dirt some call Earth. Government is an attempt to control those people, the citizens or members of a civilization, to have say in what is right, what is wrong, how much to tax, importing, exporting, war, the economy, setting new goals for society and individuals alike. Through an individual's drive to succeed, civilizations evolve, technology reaches new

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