Ancient Egyptian Essay

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*- The thunder crackled and the lightening struck down a tree for the fifth time with its almighty strength. The sun’s blinding ray of rubies and the moon’s glorious emerald beams lit up the gloomy sky simultaneously. Cairo was surrounded by the smell of loathsome manure. There seemed to be a disruption in the air as all the animals were going wild. Isis was sprinting hoping that she doesn’t bump into any of the roaming animals. The long black strings of hair on her head were constantly blocking her vision, preventing her from keeping a steady pace. Suddenly a loud high pitched voice came from the museum beside her. Isis decided to explore the place and strutted in the rain towards the enormous entrance. Two teenagers had arrived both were the same age as Isis. The twins were called Sadie and Carter Kane. Although they were twins, they had very different personalities. Sadie had lengthy scarlet hair which matched her fiery temper. Carter had blonde hair which matched his cool nature in difficult situations. They were in the middle of a project. “What’s it about?” questioned Isis, as she twisted the remaining water out of her hair. “The future of our world!” said a hoarse voice, passionately. Isis turned around to look at Carter directly. Carter’s lips hadn’t moved an inch. Simultaneously, they turned around to see two young men facing them. It was Ra, Isis’s father with Anubis, the God of death and funerals. “Dad! I haven’t seen you for ages!” shrieked Isis with happiness. She ran and hugged him for so long that Ra had to shrug her off. “What’s been happening, where’s my sister Bast?” Isis said desperately. “That’s what I’ve been meaning to talk to you about. This morning’s crisis was due to the disastrous argument me, Anubis and your sister, Bast had, in the underworld.” Ra said. He spoke the last few words bitterly. Isis clapped her hands over her mouth. The

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