Ancient Egypt Success

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Ancient Egypt is one of my favorite topics to read about because it intrigues me great amounts about how successful they were even though the climate they live in would even today be considered dangerous or “deadly”. Comparing today’s Egypt to ancient Egypt is impossible because of technology but the way ancient Egypt was able to stay afloat, stable, and successful is very interesting. There are many factors in play that helped ancient Egypt’s story pan out so well. For example here are just a few factors that led to Egypt’s massive success: location, bodies of water, climate, number of people, and willpower. These are only a few of the many factors in ancient Egypt’s success story, these I feel are the most prevalent. Comparing ancient Egypt to the Sumerian civilizations is a great way to explain further why ancient Egypt was extremely successful. Ancient Egypt was far more successful for a number of reasons; some I listed above, others are faults that the Sumerians had to live with. Sumerian’s landscape although was not a dry and full of desert but it was rough and largely covered in mountainous regions. Having mountains surround you is almost if not worse than living in the middle of a hot, dry desert. Mountainous land is not fertile, and is very hard to travel across to find the fertile land they need. Ancient Egypt although it is vastly covered in desert, it had the Nile river which provided them with everything they could have hoped for and then some. While the rain fall helped the Sumerians grow crops and sustain live, the Nile River provided Egypt with water, and the most fertile soil the world could ask for. The landscapes and regions for these civilizations were both hurting but also providing them with what they needed to thrive. The mountains that the Sumerians lived in were also a benefit due to the fact that they were very treacherous
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