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The country of Egypt is located in the continent of Africa. About five thousand years ago, Egypt had a great big civilization along the banks of the Nile River. The hot, dry air helped preserve evidence of the civilization. This is how archeologists discovered many monuments, writings, paintings, and other items from ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptian civilization lasted for over three thousand years. Egypt was then conquered by Alexander the Great in 332 BCE. Most of them were farmers. It was hard because there was very little rain in Egypt, but the Nile River provided the water they needed. When the river overflowed, it released rich soil into the valley, and the crops would grow. Some Egyptians were part of their large army and some were traders. Craftsmen built tombs and statues. Priests were one of the most important members of the ancient Egyptian society; not only did they serve in the temples, but also many of them were literate. The ancient Egyptians believed that the pharaoh was sent by the god. They worshipped multiple gods. These gods were often depicted on the walls of tombs and pyramids, as having heads of animals. Two of the most important gods were Osiris and Ra. Osiris was the god of the dead, and was shown as a mummified man. Ra, the sun god, is shown with a sun disk on his head. Another important god was Horus, he was the god of the sky, and he had a falcon’s head. Egyptians believed in life after death. They preserved dead bodies and created mummies of their pharaohs and other high ranking individuals. The mummies were then placed in tombs that were often hidden to protect the corpses and tributes from grave robbers. The tombs were filled with gifts that the dead person would need in the next life. These gifts included food, drink, tools, jewelry, and furniture. The walls inside of the tombs were decorated with many

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