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Contents 1) Title Page 2) Contents 3) Introduction, Famous People and Fashion 4) Religion and Gods, Culture and Conclusion 5) Bibliography 6) Notes 7) Draft 8) Criteria sheet Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt was once a land of great culture and impressive beliefs of the way of life. This report will discuss the enchanted world of the great Egyptians, detailing famous people, fashion, cultural ways, and the Egyptian beliefs in the gods and religion. Famous People Ancient Egyptians had a pharaoh whose job included feeding the people, maintaining a fair justice system, building the temples, appointments of officials and purists and important religious ceremonies. Over 3 000 years, spanned more than 30 different dynasties (families) of Pharaohs. Time Period Pharaohs Archaic Period 3’200-2’650 BC Menes, Djer. Old Kingdom 2’650-2’450 BC Zoser, Khufu(Cheops), Khaefra(Chephren), Menkaura(Mycerinus), Sahura, Pepi ǁ. Middle Kingdom 2’040-1’750 BC Senwosret ǀǀǀ, Amenemhat ǀǀǀ. New Kingdom 1’750-1’550 BC Thutmosis ǀ, Thutmosis ǀǀǀ, Tutankhamen. Fashion Clothes and Hair Fashion meant a great deal to the Ancient Egyptians. Egyptians wore light and minimal clothing, men wore short skirts called kilts and women wore straight dresses with straps. Many pieces of jewellery was worn with their colthing. Most men shaved their head while some also wore a wig. Women cut their hair short or wore a plaited wig. Make-up Make-up, made up of colour ochre minerals crushed and mixed with water, was worn by both genders. The main colours used were dark brown, black, grey and dark green (used on eyelids), with dark colours to outline the eyes and replace the eyebrows. To make lipstick the Egyptians blended fat with bright red ochres. Both sexes plucked their eyebrows.

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