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Ancient Egypt was a civilization that emerged in eastern North Africa and was centered along the banks of the lower part of the Nile River Beginning around 3100 B .C , this dynamic civilization would exist for over 3 ,000 years, only ending with its fall to the Roman Empire . Yet during its existence, ancient Egypt developed a rich history, as well as a rich culture that greatly influenced the rest of the ancient world and the modern world Ancient Egyptian culture encompassed many things, but the most important was the spiritual aspect. Egyptians were deeply religious, and religion played a role in nearly all aspects of their daily lives. When the ancient Egyptians experienced periods of peace and prosperity, they attributed credit for the success to their 700 gods. The Egyptians experienced centuries of remarkable stability and considered this state to be the “natural order”. However, even though they considered good order and balance in their society to be natural, it had to be protected by the pharaoh, who was considered to have been born mortal but imbued with godhood upon receipt of the throne, and was expected to be an earthly presence of the divine. His religious standing gave the pharaoh a unique legal and authoritative position in ancient Egypt. Unlike art in modern Western cultures, most ancient Egyptian art was not created out of an impulse for self-expression or as a vehicle for casual entertainment. Formal art—that found in public buildings and commissioned for ceremonial use—had a serious religious function. Egyptians used art primarily as a tool for achieving spiritual ends, in particular to depict visually the power and prestige of their pharaoh—and so reinforce his connection with the gods—and to aid individuals (especially the pharaoh) in attaining the afterlife.

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