Ancient Economy Essay

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The ancient economy, which pertained to the economy in Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome, differed greatly from the market economy we have which is known as capitalism. Most of the ancient economy runs parallel to our market economy which Aristotle has great examples that depict this. The economy of the ancient society was based on agriculture and slavery and peasant labor. The produced food and had livestock which is what their economy consisted of. There were three classes of people during this time. The aristocrats, who did no physical labor and were considered the “thinkers” were at the top, then came the peasants and slaves. The only differences between the peasants and slaves were that the peasants weren’t anybody’s property and the slaves were. The peasants and slaves made up most of the population during that time period. The aristocrats had this “organic” view of society, since they were the only ones who could read and write had their view of society and not the view of the peasants and slaves. This view of society was that everyone had their own place in society and they most collaborate and join together to help benefit the society as a whole. The aristocrats believed that working was for the lower class and basically associated working with negative things. Since they were of upper class and were the wealthy people during that time and the peasants did the work and were of lower class they had the mind set that working was a bad thing. In today’s economy it’s almost the opposite because the people that don’t might be considered lazy or unmotivated. There is deep admiration for people that are hard workers and provide and support their families and themselves. Even if you don’t live the most lavish lifestyle but work hard it is thought highly of. There are two types of problems that every economy has

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