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Throughout this course we have read, examined and analyzed a number of significant selections from the Western tradition, beginning with the valiant and epic tales of the Ancient Period and ending with the magnificent texts of the Renaissance. From these collections of masterpieces, we have learned fundamental ideas about society, justice, ethics, philosophy, and psychology. From the Iliad and Agamemnon to The Praise of Folly and The Decameron, we have read a variety of pieces that all have certain distinctiveness and personality. Throughout this course the piece I enjoyed the most was Odyssey by Homer and Medea by Euripides was probably my least favorite selection. I really enjoyed the Odyssey. I love ancient epic tales of heroes and their journeys and the Odyssey was a prime example of a heroic tale. It’s amazing some of the things Homer came up with to tell the tale of Odysseus and his men. For example, the part with the Cyclops and Odysseus stabbing him in the eye and escaping, in my opinion, was brilliant. The Odyssey also displays a few learning experiences for the reader. It tells us to not be hubris and overconfident because telling the Cyclops his real name greatly influences Odysseus’ journey. The tale also teaches us to keep pushing on and never give up because Odysseus was gone from home for ten years. The Odyssey kept my attention, which is often difficult when reading a book. There was never a dull moment because you were always wondering what was going to happen next to Odysseus and his crew. One piece of literature that we studied that I did not particularly like was the story of Medea. The story is about a woman who has special powers. Her husband left her for another woman so he can be of royalty and the entire story is about how she is going to seek her revenge upon him and the people that have betrayed her. This story puts an

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