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Have you ever thought of being elected as king? Using your power to rule and lead your people. If you were one, how would you treat your people and what political system will you use? This essay will talk about the commonalities and differences between ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It will also give you an explanation about how the ancient civilizations helped us on our modern world today. The political system is the most important thing to set in a government. Luckily this isn't a great deal. The four ancient civilizations set their political system into monarchy, the most popular political system used in the ancient world. In ancient China, emperors took the lead, this was a form of monarchy. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs had the most power, so that was a form of monarchy as well. In ancient Greece, each city-state had different political systems, because Greece wasn't a proper country, it was just combined by city-states. The city states were ruled by wealthy Greeks who treated their people badly. Finally, Rome. The government was really a chaos. The last king of Rome was expelled by Romans who rebelled. In 500B.C., Rome changed from monarchy to republic. Even though there were many similarities, differences still remained. Like the title of their leader are all different. In China, emperors were like the head of the country, they had the most power. When the emperor told someone to do something, that is a mature order. If you disobey, you would get thrown into jail or executed. In Egypt, pharaohs were like kings. They had the most power. In Greece, the rulers took care of the city-states. The rulers of the city-states were wealthy Greeks. In Rome, kings were the ones with the most power. But, in 500B.C., the final king was kicked out and the consul took in the lead. There were two people who were consul. The

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