Ancient Chinese Inventions

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Ancient Chinese Inventions Strayer University HUM 111 July 16, 2013 Dr. Caren Stayer The ancient Chinese culture can be credited for several important inventions. China has played a significant part in many famous inventions and contributions that has had a major role to play in our lives. Many of the inventions were invented as far back as c. 1600 B.C.-A.D. 265 ( The lists of inventions from ancient China are still used in modern day society. Some of the inventions are as follows: tea, gunpowder, a compass, chopsticks, bristle toothbrush, silk fiber, paper and printing, publishing, a seismograph (an earthquake detector), porcelain, acupuncture, lacquer, the wheel barrel, the abacius (calculator) and toilet paper. The inventions and contributions are essential building blocks of the world today. I believe the four ingenious or innovative ones are gunpowder, paper, the compass, and printing. According to, gunpowder was discovered by the Chinese, during the Han Dynasty. It was used to create explosions at festivals. At this time the Chinese culture didn’t use it in guns. Gunpowder consists of saltpeter, sulfur, nitrate, and charcoal dust. They would mix the gunpowder put it into bamboo tubes then throw it into fires. In the year 1161, the Chinese used explosives for the first time in warfare. They used gunpowder to make flamethrowers and explosive mines as well as multiple-stage rockets ( Paper is one of the inventions we cannot live without. The process of papermaking was developed first in China. About 105 A.D., it was believed Cai Lun had invented paper and the entire process of papermaking. Paper is produced from bamboo and hemp fibers dissolved in water situated in a mold. When the water drained and the mixture dried the first genuine design of paper appeared. According to
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