Ancient Art Essay

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Ancient art is very important to us today. Ancient art is the period of art that was from the Paleolithic age through the Middle Ages. The reason that ancient art is important to us is because it is what we can look at to relate to the ancient people of our history. Without obtaining ancient art, we would not know nearly as much as we do know now about ancient times. Ancient art reveals so much about the lifestyles of the ancient people and society. Ancient art is generally produced by cultures, or one group of people, and tends to usually follow traditions, and the way that these people lived. When we look at ancient art, it allows us to learn about our history, our ancestors, and where the world had began. Ancient art typically was based on Gods, battles, and nature, in which the artist looked up to. Roman art was one type of ancient art that consisted of sculptures, painting, architecture, murals, and much more. The Romans typically built statues to show loyalty to their gods. Statues were mostly made out of clay or marble and occasionally incorporated metal. Statues of the emperor, gods, and goddess were displayed on the roman streets so all could see. The palaces had murals painted on their walls, which depicted roman life and stories about heroes. One of the greatest roman achievements was architecture. Aqueducts, coliseum, The Pantheon, and Triumphal arch of Tibias were extremely artistic but also served a purpose. Ancient art was typically displayed at a temple, to show the societies loyalty to who they looked up to and worshiped. For an example, at each entrance to an Egyptian temple, there would be a piece of art called a pylon. The Egyptians typically built temples for Gods, who the Egyptians looked up to and worshiped. Ancient art is very important to us today, and I’m sure, will be important to us for a
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