Anchor Babies Essay

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Anchor Babies There are millions of stories that we hear everyday of how people came to US in pursue of better life for them and their children. Each story is unique, passionate, and encouraging; as a person I do realize that each person has a right to better their life through hard work, and wish to fulfill their dream. This country was build by immigrants who sought a better opportunity, however, what was in the beginning of 20th century, drastically changed in 21st. The ongoing debate is more evolving regarding illegal immigrants and anchor babies. This issue is seeking more and more attention by the government and political figures. How does the government should deal with increasing numbers of illegal immigrants and increasing population of anchor babies. When this issue arises in the debate, we turn to 14 Amendment of Constitution, which states; All persons born or naturalized in the United states and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the united States. The intent of the original amendment is not to facilitate illegal aliens defying U.S. Law and obtaining citizenship for their offspring, or obtaining benefits at taxpayer expense. The United States is unusual in it's proposal to extend citizenship to anyone born on its soil. If we turn to other developed countries that have developed their citizenship practice to eliminate the problems caused by the practice of birthright citizenship. The anchor baby problem has grown to such large proportions that the united States cannot avoid it. It is only logical to correct the problems that is getting bigger and bigger this burden falls on Congress to adopt legislation clarifying the meaning of the 14th amendment. According to Pew Hispanic analysis finds that nearly four-in-five (79%) of the 5.1 million children (younger than age 18) of unauthorized immigrants were born in US and therefore are US

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