anaylising phsyco and jeepers creepers

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Textual Analysis Analyse the title and opening sequence of the films ‘Psycho’ (1960) directed by Alfred Hitchcock and ‘Jeepers Creepers’ (2001) directed by Victor Salva in what ways do these opening sequences raise audience expectations? The Film ‘Psycho’ was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and Released in 1960. The title ‘Psycho’ immediately conjures the image of insanity. It appears clear white then fragments rapidly after a short period of time, symbolising and mimicking insanity in its actions. The actors names appear in bars across the screen clashing with the music giving you the idea of stabbing, cutting and slicing also the idea of secrecy hidden identity or motive a reference to the famous shower scene. Names that appear are Janet Leigh who was very famous and may have brought in a certain audience also Alfred Hitchcock’s name was shown twice and a fragmented style. The music Reflected and mimicked the horror theme being jumpy, using high and low pitch and varying speeds in a minor key. The Pace of the opening sequence is slow and free flowing something unexpected compared to modern horrors, the movie seems to be a Romance or drama. The date and time appear on the screen leading you to think that they are important almost as if it is a police re-construction as they are trying to solve a crime. The camera Goes from an extreme long shot to a window and peeps through to a close up free flowing through the room showing and Janet Leigh and her co-star in what would have been considered a shocking scene, her in a bra and petticoat having an affair with a married man. The target audience of this film would be horror and suspense. Hitchcock was himself a household name at this time and also had many strategies to get audiences into the theatre for instance
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