Anaya and Hansberry: Similar or Different?

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10-11-10 Honors English 9 Compare/Contrast Essay Anaya and Hansberry: Similar or Different? Authors have certain characteristics about their writing that make each piece unique. Both Rudolfo A. Anaya and Lorraine Hansberry have similar ways of writing. A Celebration of Grandfathers and On Summer are two different stories. There are several things that can make them different. Such as the way they are written. However, they are similar in ways. They share the same style, and the same tone. Anaya’s A Celebration of Grandfathers and Hansberry’s On Summer have the same tone; they are both reminiscent. In Rudolfo A. Anaya’s A Celebration of Grandfathers, he talks about his childhood. For example, “’ Buenos dias le de Dios, abuelo.’ God give you a good day, grandfather. This is how I was taught as a child to greet my grandfather, or any grown person” (Anaya 444). He tends to touch back on his childhood several times throughout the story. He again mentions his childhood by saying, “The old people I remember from my childhood were strong in their beliefs…” (Anaya 444). In Lorraine Hansberry’s On Summer, she also talks about her childhood. Her whole story was about the summers of her childhood. She states: My childhood Southside summers were the ordinary city kind, full of the street games which other rememberers have turned into the fine ballets these days and rhymes that anticipated what some people insist on calling modern poetry… (Hansberry 457) Throughout the story she explains how her summers were spent. She tells different stories of what she did and where she went. Both Anaya and Hansberry relate their childhood to their stories. Thus, making the tone being reminiscent. As well as both stories sharing a common tone, they also share a common style. In Anaya’s A Celebration of Grandfathers, the style is narrative. It is

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