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Peter Shiu Peace and Justice, Period 3 Ms. Mueller 17 November 2014 Anawim Paper Section 3 In the past months, I have been blessed to work in a volunteering program known as the First Tee in Oakland. This program is very unique and seeks to teach young children up to young adults the game of golf and possibly develop a passion for the sport. In the process of learning golf, life skills are taught, such as judgment, courtesy, and perseverance. There are two groups of children usually associated in this program. Some of them come from privileged backgrounds, while some of them are from underprivileged backgrounds. While serving at the First Tee, I assisted the adult coaches in teaching the children how to golf with various lessons such as how to hold a golf club, how to swing a golf club, as well as how to hit the golf ball at various distances. Since it is sometimes difficult for children to understand the concepts of the game of golf, word cues and phrases are used to teach them technique. For instance, regarding how to hold a golf club, we use an “airplane cue”, or a set of phrases that correlates the holding of a golf club to an airplane landing. Other than teaching, I support and encourage the children to persevere even if they fail, and to always try again. While playing golf, I encourage them to use life skills taught to them. First, attending First Tee of Oakland really helped me appreciate my economic position. Before joining this volunteering program, I had always found myself complaining that my family wasn’t well off enough financially, and that the life I was in was terrible. However, it wasn’t until I joined this volunteering program that I finally realized that I should be grateful for what I have. One girl I met, whose name is Marrisol, discussed about the copious amounts of bullying that occurs in her school, as well as the lack of

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