Anatomy of Hate Essay

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Anatomy of Hate Reflection Paper I was not ready for this movie when I walked into room 220 today. I am not sure what I had expected but this was truly more shocking then I had expected. This movie concentrated on the violence and hate in different areas of society and the world. It was said in this movie that lots of people are trying to control you and you are learning hate since a very young age. It was said the moment you are born someone or society starts shoving software inside your head. Could be said you are being brainwashed do you ever chose for yourself? Telling you to believe it this way and that way is wrong. I believe this to be true as I was watching the movie I felt hatred toward these people and the things they were doing. I do believe culture to some extent has a lot to do with the way we act. It is a lot harder I believe to be a peaceful person when you are surrounded with all this hate. This movie was very disturbing, to actually see what is really going on. One woman was teaching her child a song about hating gays like it was a cute tune, the white supremacists were teaching their children to hate and even kill before they were ten. The images of the greased pig chase was pretty sad a cute little piglet and these children kicked it to death then the father slit in down the middle in front of them. These are not things we should be teaching our future adults. No wonder our society is so hateful to each other. Even is America we have the Army which a lot of people support but why are we supporting killing of innocent people? Innocent people are dying because of this war, people in the Middle East as well as our own men fighting for our country. And do they even know why there fighting? It is because the President said so? And for what this war will never be won. To see President Bush’s face up there made me sick he should go fight his own

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