Anatomy Class Essay

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Theft, Murder, bulling and suicide are common occurrences that are destroying our communities, but what about smoking? It seems that the majority of the world’s population smokes cigarettes. Cigarette is another word for “deadly weapon” or “poison”, as every inhalation of cigarette smoke slowly but steadily kills you. I learned this life saving information in my high school anatomy class. It is this class that significantly influenced the way I live every day of my life. Primarily, people who smokes cigarettes have a greater chance of getting lung cancer than non – smokers. For example, I never had a chance to meet my uncle Marcus. He died of lung cancer at the young age of forty two. It made me think about how little people value their lives as they are willing to trade it for a pack of cigarettes. Back in the 1970, the world didn’t have the technology and experience to determine if cigarettes were as dangerous as they are. At the time, almost seventy percent of the world population smoked. The death rate due to lung cancer increased by forty percent. Even now, when we understand the destructive power of cigarettes it is amazing to see that many people actually choose to smoke. I could never imagine myself smoking. It not only destroys your lungs, but it also kills brain cells as it damages the bones in your body. For a teenager, smoking cigarettes is the worst possible thing to do, as our bones are still developing. When they were young, my parents both smoked. Again, back in their time people didn’t know the danger of cigarettes. Thankfully both stopped when they discovered the deadly truth about cigarettes, but many people continue on totally and seemingly unconcerned. I am very grateful to my high school anatomy class for teaching me this lifesaving lesson about the danger of smoking. Smoking is a worldwide problem, which we should fight

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