Anatomy and Physiology Essay

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UNIT 5 – Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Social Care. |Outline of programme of learning | |Week based on 5 hours per |Topic Area |Suggested Learner Activities |Key Skills | |week | | | | |1-2 |Location and function of major |Poster locating and labelling the major organs. For each |IT2.1-3 | | |organs in the body. What are |organ describe the function in the body. P1 |IT2.3 | | |cells, tissues, organs, systems? | | | |3-4 |Structure and function of two |Draw a diagram of the cardiovascular and respiratory |C2.2 | | |major body systems. |systems and write a report about each system explaining |C3.3 | | | |the structure in relation to their functions. P2/M1 |IT2.1 | | | | |IT2.2 | |5-7 |Interrelationship of systems |Explain how the two systems you have studied interrelate |IT2.1 | | |showing homeostasis- blood |to perform a named function. Investigate oxygen supply and|IT2.2

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