Anatomical Positions Work Sheet Essay

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NAME: Lisa Dsani__________________ LANGUAGE OF ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY EXERCISE Complete the following statements with the correct directional/ anatomical term. Note that more than one answer may be correct for several of these. 1. The plane of the body dividing it into right and left sections is _Sagital_ 2. The hip is _Proximal_ to the ankle. 3. The navel is _Anterior to the spinal cord. 4. The great toe is __Medial_ to the little toe. 5. The kidneys are located primarily in the L/R Lumbar_ regions of the abdomen. 6. When a surgeon amputates a leg, he or she makes a _Transverse_ cut through the bone. 7. The left eye is __Medial_ to the left ear. 8. In anatomical position, the thumb is _Lateral_ to the little finger. 9. The right ankle is ___Distal_ to the right knee joint. 10. The left elbow joint is _Proximal__ to the wrist joint. 11. The left kidney is _ Posterior to the spleen. 12. The right lung is __Superior_ to the right lobe of the liver. 13. The pancreas is _Inferior__ to the stomach. 14. The wrist is _Proximal_ to the hand. 15. The trachea (windpipe) is _Anterior___ to the spine. 16. The brain is superior__ to the spinal cord. 17. The kidneys are __Posterior__ to the liver. 18. The nose is __medial__ to the cheekbones. 19. The thorax is _superior_ to the abdomen. 20. The skin is _superficial_ to the skeleton. 21. Name two organs found in the left upper quadrant. ____Left Kidney__ Stomach___ 22. Name two organs found in the right lower quadrant. ______Appendix__Cecum___ 23. Name one organ, which is sectioned sagitally by the median plane line. __ Heart, Colon_ 24. Which organs are located in the dorsal body cavity? __Brain and Spinal cord_________________ 25. Which organs are located in the thoracic cavity? Heart, Lungs, trachea,

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