Anasthesia Eop Essay

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Anaesthesia EOP Phase 3B From Dr Aung’s RCMP 1) What are the five components of GA? - Anaesthesia - Analgesia - Amnesia - Muscle relexant - Abolishing the unwanted reflexes 2) What is local anaesthesia? Reversible blockade of peripheral nerve conduction or inhibition of excitation at nerve endings with resultant loss of sensation at part of the body What is general anaesthesia? State of unconscious and loss of protective reflexes from/after administration of one or more GA agent 3) What is definition of pain An unpleasant sensory & emotional experience associated with actual and potential tissue damage. 4) What are the roles of an anaesthesia( -copy & paste from Dr.Tommy’s notes(,hoping will come out again in MEQ hihi - Anatomist - Physiologist - Pathologist - Pharmacologist - Pain specialist - Emergency physicians 5) How will you check the correct positioning of the inserted ETT? - By direct visualization of the ETT passing tru the vocal cord - Inspection of chest for the presence of symmetrical chest rise/expansion - Auscultating for bilateral breath sound and epigastrium - Presence of vapour along ETT - Capnograph is present- must have capnograph in place at the time of intubation and throughout the entire time the ETT is in place - CXR: radiopaque line of ETT is present 6) Write down the 2 diffrences of obs anaesthesia from others? From Hospital Ipoh Anaes department 1) Layers involved in epidural block [pic] Skin( subcutaneous fat( supraspinatous ligament( infraspinatous ligament( ligamentum flavum(epidural space In case spinal block…….. [pic] Skin( subcutaneous fat( supraspinatous ligament( infraspinatous ligament( ligamentum flavum(dura & archnoid 2) Parts of ETT: Murphy’s eye

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