Anasazi Is a Good Civilization Essay

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I think the Anasazi is a good civilization because they trade. The first example is that the Anasazi traded many things such as animals, pottery, beads, turquoise and a number of other things. Another way that the Anasazi are a good civilization is because they are religious, they are religious because they believe in their own gods, such as the rain god, sun god, and the corn god .They built religious underground structures called kivas. Thirdly, the Anasazi also did farming, making crops such as growing corn and hunting animals. When they have crops, they have food for the winter so they don`t have to move for food. More information on how the Anasazi lived The Anasazi live in the present day Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. They were skilled potters and basket makers. They built multistoried houses that hold as many as 1,000 people. In the year 1300, they abandoned their village. Warfare of a drought may caused them to abandon their village. The name Anasazi also means ancient people, the word itself means enemy ancestor. They wove blankets, shirts, robes, aprons, kilts, breechcloths, socks, and belts using various vegetal fibers, animal hair, and human hair. The Anasazi spoke many languages Tanoan language including Tewa and Tiwa spoken at pueblos of the Rio Grande area. Although the Anasazi were farmers of corn, beans, and squash, they also hunted and gathered wild plants for food. Studies indicate that sometimes people depended more on wild foods than on farmed crops. Corn was dried and stored on the cob. Strips of dried squash hung in the storage rooms. Wild plant foods were also stored

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