Anarchy vs. Order

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Anarchy vs. Order An Analysis of Fight Club Fight Club is a dark and edgy movie about a man’s worth in life as well as his role in society. It follows the life of the narrator, a nameless man (Edward Norton) who is searching for meaning in his own life. He suffers from insomnia and has feelings of inadequacy. He befriends Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), a powerful and eccentric man who possesses everything that the narrator lacks. It is a controversial movie that many critics were raving about. It has on one hand been called a “True American Classic” (Travers) and on the other hand called “irresponsible, anti-society, anti-capitalist, and anti-God “ (Walker). The violence and so called irresponsibility of the movie, to me, is what makes it one of my favorites. I did not really understand it the first time I watched it, so I would definitely advise anyone to watch it more than once to fully understand it. The film starts off by showing scenes of the narrator’s day to day life. From an outside perspective, he seems to have it all. He has a career and a condo that is full of high end furniture and décor. He is actually very unhappy, and the film does an outstanding job of how miserable he has become as he just goes through the motions of his everyday life. He has become drained by the pressures of society and life in general. Wanting some kind of relief, he goes to his doctor and tells him that he is in pain from the insomnia and wants to be on medication. His doctor tells him that he does not need medication, what he needs is a good night’s sleep. In an attempt to make the narrator see that his condition is not as bad as he claims it is, the narrator’s doctor tells him to go sit in on a testicular cancer support group. Even though he is apprehensive, he attends the support group, pretends to have cancer, ends up breaking down and crying to

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