Anansi Boys Essay

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Ajudua 1 Mary Ajudua Ms. Junior ENG 3U1 11 June 2012 Family Dual: Spider vs. Fat Charlie C.P.T. Different perspectives in individuals can lead to different aspects of life. Individualities in siblings may cause happiness and sadness when it comes to interaction. Fat Charlie and Spider are brothers; however, they live opposite lives. Fat Charlie is shy; he does not have the nerves to stand up for himself, unlike his brother Spider. Spider is known for as a God and a ladies’ man. He is not afraid of anything. The author Neil Gaiman shows the theme family relationships between Fat Charlie and Spider. The theme is further proven by how relationships can cause poor decisions and bad risks in their life, how family problems and issues can affect their loved ones, and how building relationships from self-esteeem can build up motivation and ambition. When Spider first came into Fat Charlie’s world, Charlie was happy to finally see the brother he never knew he had. Spider is more like his father than Fat Charlie, living a life that is driven by women and material things. The quote, “Anansi was said to be a spider. He used to get himself into trouble and he used to get himself out of trouble” (Gaiman 36), was said by Mrs. Higgler explaining how Spider can get out of any bad situation in a smooth way because that is Ajudua 2 just the way he is and he knew what he was doing. Unfortunately, the love for Spider was gone from Fat Charlie. Spider takes over Charlie’s lifestyle. Spider

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