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Analyzing Written Essays For this assignment, I will be analyzing two essays of my choosing and answering specific questions given to me by my instructor. This assignment will help me get more in depth understanding of the different types of essays. Questions Responses The four types used to help organize an essay are topic, time order, space order, and informative process. Both essays I chose were expository essays because how they are organized by the authors. They both show support to their thesis and all other parts of their essays show support to the introductions. The time order is a way to organize the information that moves through the essay in order like how a timeline will show historic information. The space order is the use of information that is information about the location of an essay. An informative process is basically giving an explanation for example, an instruction manual. The first essay, I chose, “How to Succeed as an Online Student” is an essay that helps give information about how to become a good online student. This is a great example of giving an informative essay because it gives a detailed process for the reader to follow for being an online student. The second essay, “Farthest, Faintest Solar System Objects Found Beyond Neptune” also is organized in a way to have people give more of an understanding of the time line of the use of the telescope in the essay. This helps by giving information about the subject for background information and a time line all rolled into one essay. The first essay I read was the most organized because it give a detailed process that helps me relate to the type of learning I am currently using at this time. I feel that if the essay that a person is reading relates to the reader, it is easier for someone to understand the subject. I personally am always more willing to understand a subject if

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