Analyzing the Story Used to Live Here Once

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Analyzing the story “Used to live here once” by Jean Rhys ENG125-Introduction to Literature Professor Jared Kline October 30, 2012 Jessica L Taylor I decided to analyze the short story by Jean Rhys “Used to live here once” for this assignment. I truly enjoyed reading this short story. I felt so connected to the story that once on the last sentence I asked myself “Where is the rest of the story?”. According to our text the definition of theme would be defined as “An idea that lies behind the story and what the story is about”. From reading this short story “Used to live here once” I gathered that the theme was about the beauty of life after death. I was felt the theme could also be the spiritual journey of a woman after death. We learn the theme of the story how the writer has written the story, and how the sentences flow. Throughout this short story Rhys is giving the reader hints that this woman maybe dead, but that isn’t confirmed until the end of the story. For example, “The only thing was that the sky had a glassy look that she didn't remember” (Clugston, 2010). The glassy looking sky that the writer is using as a symbol is comparing to something that is very clear, shiny, or with a glare. According to our text a symbol in literary terms is “something that has a literal identity, but also stands for something else” (Clugston, 2010). This story takes the reader on a journey through the eyes of a woman that doesn’t realize she has passed on. It also makes the story seem more realistic being told through a third person narrative. This woman is visiting her hometown or where she once lived and viewing everything around her that she remembers. Although something’s are exactly how she remembers them, Rhys uses past tense to create the vision to the reader that time has passed since this woman has seen this place. For example, “She stopped and looked towards

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