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Analyzing the Scene I personally enjoyed taking the voice of another character, because this allowed me to think about the scene in a different point of view. I chose to do the scene in which Daisy arrives to Jay Gatsby party, from the perspective of Gatsby himself, to focus more on his emotions and feelings. Since in the novel the writer doesn’t completely go into Gatsby mind and his personal thinking. I discovered that opening up his mind to the reader instead of only the perspective of Nick, makes him more vulnerable. This is because Gatsby lives in a self-invented world, and everyone only sees the bright side of it, and thinks that he was always born rich. But once you go deep into his mind, you understand the truth about him. And how traumatized he was as a kid, and grew up with the mind that “money makes the man, no matter what”. You also see that Gatsby lost Daisy a long time ago, but he doesn’t realize it, and desperately try to make their relationship work. In fact Daisy is the only reason of his existence. Here you can see that even though he has a tough appearance, he is gentle and romantic inside. This helped me deepen my understanding of the party scene. For example, it showed me how anxious Gatsby was when finally seeing Daisy at one of his parties. It also showed me that he is willing to do anything for her, like calling off parties and firing his servants. While I was writing about the party scene I tried to capture the softness of Gatsby and how deeply his he in love with Daisy. I think this is important because this is what made Gatsby become the man he is now. He had a dream to become a wealthy man and marry his beloved girl. I think that it’s perfect to write the party scene in the perspective of Gatsby because he is the organizer of the party, and you can see how carefully detailed he was for that perfect Saturday

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