Analyzing The Movie The Pursuit Of Happiness

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I will be analysing the movie “The Pursuit of happiness.” I will be identifying and thoroughly explaining how camera shots, dialogue, music and the characters presented in the movie, position the viewer to think a certain way, allowing them to accept the invited reading. Inspired by a true story “The Pursuit of Happiness” set in San Francisco in 1981 is a biographical drama about a man named Christopher Gardner, played by Will Smith. Directed by Gabriele Muccino, the movie takes a look at how a father and son struggle together, through homelessness, jail time, tax seizure and the overall punishing despair. Christopher Gardner is a smart but struggling salesman and family man, dedicated to making the life of his son Christopher, played by Jayden Christopher Syre Smith the best he possibly can. Christopher Gardner has invested the family savings on “Portable Bone Density scanners," an apparatus twice as expensive as normal x-rays, with practically the same resolution. These devices mean the world to Chris; however, they are difficult to sell, as they are only slightly better than the current technology, but at a much higher price. As Christopher tries to figure out how to sell them, his wife Linda, played by Thandie Newton leaves him. Even after things couldn’t get any worse Christopher loses his house, his bank account, and credit cards. Chris is a very unlucky man, but the undying love he has for his son, and the continuous dedication Chris has to getting a better life, helps him to overcome extreme difficulties, even when forced to live out in the streets with his

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