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HUM-215: Analyzing Religions April 9, 2012 Ruth Wrone Instructor David Holt Argosy University One god or many gods? Christianity is a monotheism religion, meaning their basic belief there is only one god. There are various monotheism religions throughout history; one idea remains the same there is only one God who is the source of the highest good, created the world, starting with Adam and Eve and he oversees and intervenes when necessary in our world. Monotheisms deny any religion that believes in more than one god or the practice of worshiping idols. Quite the opposite acceptance exists within the polytheism faith system, such as Wicca that relies on the impression of the existence of multiple of gods and or goddesses and typically consists of malevolent and benevolent spiritual forces or powers. It is believed that Christianity derived from a blend of Hebrew monotheistic religion, Greco Roman Philosophy, and religion beliefs. Jesus of Nazareth 4 BC to 30 AD a Palestinian Jew, whom is believed to be the founder of Christianity. Christian groups gather assemble and worship as congregations typically every Sunday within a church, chapel, meeting halls and at times outdoors. They participate socially in prayer, singing, reciting the Bible scriptures and participate in Eucharist (reenactment of the Lords last supper). Trying to live their lives following the “Ten Commandments” found in the Bible and living by the basic moral code; do onto others, as you would have them do onto you. Christians believe that after death they will resurrect, face judgment by god and either be allowed into heaven or be banished to hell. There are various religion leaders within the Christian communities, depending on the denomination, determines the type of leader that will attend to the Church and its congregation. There are Archbishops, Baptist

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