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Running head: TREAT OR TREATMENT: A QUALITATIVE STUDY Treat or Treatment: A Qualitative Study Analyzing Patients’ Use of Complementary and Abstract This qualitative study performed by Bishop, Yardley, and Lewith (1999) dealt with various levels of engagement by patients who used CAM (complementary and alternative medicine). Objective: Bishop et al. (1999) examined the growing use of CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) and their thoughts of this emerging form of medicine. Methods: Bishop et al. “We conducted semistructured interviews with 46 people who used CAM in southern England, then performed a qualitative thematic analysis of the interview” (p. 1700). Results: Bishop et al. learned of the various ways that CAM was being used, where treats, alternative, conventional and complementary versions of treatment and care were applied to patients. These distinct treatments were selected based on the participants, benefits and levels of financial justification. Conclusion: Bishop et al. found that some of those selected for this study used CAM not for its benefits or technology, but more as novel or luxurious option for health, this contradicts the believed reasons why people would opt of CAM treatments. Bishop et al. suggest and warm to physicians and researchers of patients who used CAM, might have alternative motives of using this health care options, which may contrast sharply with the researchers. The purpose of Treat or Treatment: A Qualitative Study Analyzing Patients’ Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Bishop et al. (1999) was to get the patients’ perspective on their use of form of alternative medicine and also how their reason for using this form of medicine compares to the labels given to this type of practice by other healthcare professionals. There appears to be in this study a sort of pseudo literature review on

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