Analyzing Organizations Essay

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Analyzing Organizations Dallas Miller MGT/307 Mark Harden June 6, 2011 Analyzing Organizations While not every business is run the same understanding the qualities that makes them different is helpful to determine not only what they do well but to establish areas where they can improve. Analyzing the company’s culture and behavior, diversity and communication will lead to better understanding of how that company conducts its business and how effective they are in the market. While the culture of an organization can ultimately affect its behavior having a strong communication chain and remaining diverse can lead to a company with strong values and ultimate success. Starts from the Top An organization’s culture and essentially its behavior start from the beliefs and principles of its leaders and is how the company as a whole acts amongst each other based on those cultural beliefs. My company in particular has an average tenor of over 20 years amongst its management staff and over that period of time we have come to know each other and the corporate staff very well. I believe that this principle alone is the key to our company having a strong business culture. Our company as a whole has come to be family and this unity in thought and decision processes is what has lead the company to be as strong as it is today. Those cultural beliefs that we all stand behind and have brought us together and basically has determined our behavior amongst one another. An organizations behavior is the interactions amongst the employees in its day-to-day operations. This behavior is directly related to the cultural beliefs of company and is determined by the organizations culture. Since our management teams are so small and working with each other constantly the behavior of our organization has come to reflect the beliefs of one another and has come to a point where there is

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