Analyzing Internet Sources Essay

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Analyzing Internet sources By Jason The Internet is used for different reasons in today’s day and age. We use it for entertainment purposes as well as educational and academic reasons. When using the internet for academic reasons, it is important to follow your academic provider policy and procedures in regards to academic uses of the internet. Some practices that I have recently learned are beneficial to ensuring that I follow University guidelines pertaining to academic uses of the Internet. These practices include use of the University library, use of the reference and citation generator provided on the University useful links portion, and to avoid wasting valuable time on opinionated web sites. Using the Library resource allows you to feel confident that you are getting accurate information from a reliable source. When searching the internet for research material, many web sites can give fictitious material based on opinion and not facts which can cause you to waste valuable time. The reference and citation generator makes the use of citations easier to incorporate into your assignments to insure that you are using APA format. There is an abundant amount of useful information provided throughout the internet. As noted above, it is very important to understand the difference in what is a valid source of information versus opinionated sources given over the internet. One way that I have learned which can help determine whether or not information provided over a website is reputable or not is by simply looking at the at the URL of the web sites. The URL tells you if the site is from a reputable source such a government site for example. Most government web sites will have .gov included within their URL. Another option learned was to look at the synopsis for signs of bias and to determine if the web site is personal, political, or research
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