Analyzing Drama Essay

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There are many types of love; some kinds are good and others are not so good. Love can be the most beautiful thing ever, yet it can be so cruel. William Shakespeare shows all types of love in many of his writings. Romeo and Juliet may be the best, most detailed one that he has ever composed. There is friendship, lust, family, love at first sight, and forbidden love all in one story. Lust is portrayed in all through Romeo and Juliet. The attraction that Romeo had for Rosaline and Juliet are the main forms of lust showed. He desired and craved each of them, probably because of their gracefulness. Beauty is very compelling. Another obvious lust is Paris' attraction for Juliet. He was old and she was young, but she was pretty and higher up in social status. Juliet's parents were perfectly okay with this. Love at first sight is the most well-known type of love. While some people believe init, others think that it is silly! Romeo and Juliet are the best example to show that it is possible to fall in love instantly. At Romeo's first glance of Juliet, his heart melted and he knew that she was the one for him. It was the same for her, too, because she fell in love with him at once. It really is an enchanting thing. Everyone should display love in their family, not in a sexual way, but in a nice, brotherly way. Romeo had lots of support from his family. When he was crushed about Rosaline, they knew that he was known and encouraged him to feel better. They were concerned about him. Juliet's family was kind of different. The nurse and her father cared for her the most. Her daddy just wanted what he thought was best for her. Friendship is something that every single person has at least once in their life. In Romeo and Juliet, there are multiple examples of friendship shown. The nurse and Juliet were good friends in an odd way. Mercutio and Benvolio are

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