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Analyzing Credibility Axia College Comparison of two resources; includes the CNN News clip, of the Larry King Live Show on CNN, “Giuliani Remembers 9/11” (Larry King Live Show, CNN, 2007) and Progressive Insurance advertisement, the coupon lady. The CNN clip was not paid for by CNN because that would appear to be an endorsement for Rudi Giuliani for president. That would make CNN less than credible, by showing bias toward, presidential hopeful Rudi Giuliani. The Progressive Insurance clip was paid for by Progressive Casualty Insurance Company because they have a direct interest, and receive profits. I detected a slant in the News clip because the title was “Giuliani Remembers 9/11,”(CNN Larry King Live Show, 2007) and the interviewer; Larry King, quickly changed topics to discuss politics, to obtain what information he could about Giuliani’s plans to run for president. Both examples reflected the fact that society may easily be affected by emotional content, and both sources used information that would appeal to the emotions of their viewers. Both articles seemed credible, but each party did not. For example, Rudi Giuliani appears less than honest, in using CNN to forward his personal agenda, but when asked of his intentions, refused to acknowledge them. Giuliani appealed to the American public’s emotions based on displayed content of the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York, and fed on the fear of the public, by stating that we should expect more attacks, and we are still at “grave risk.” (Giuliani, Larry King Live Show, CNN, 2007). I am skeptical of the sources credibility because both sources had something to gain. CNN gains a higher rating in the polls, and Progressive gains financially. I detected bias by Giuliani, toward furthering his cause, and suspect bias by Larry King. Larry

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