Analyzing Advertisements Essay

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The sellers are trying to get women to buy their product by the hands of a woman holding the product. The photo is very effective, because when woman see the picture of a woman’s hand they will see that it was made for them. The way that everything is laid on the palms of the woman is very delicate also giving it a feminine touch, and following along with the whole theme. The name of the product is also very feminine “True Delights”, it gives a sense of femininity with the word, “delights.” The way it is written is also feminine, because the letters are in cursive, and they seem very delicate. The box is also targeted for women, because of the pink writing, and the way the cereal bar is pictured there. The box goes from dark to light, kind of like the cereal bar, from chocolate to almonds. The part where it says, “You will be delighted”, is also feminine, because it goes along with the title. “Luscious raspberries” is also very feminine because of the word “luscious.” Another part that is targeted towards women is when they say “all at 140 calories” because women are always trying to find ways to get slim. The page itself also seems to target women, with the flowers, and leaves around the corners of the page. The color is very light, and it gives a calm and good feeling. The colors and the page go along great with the advertisement because they are all feminine like. In conclusion this product is target towards woman due to those things explained previously. They did a very good job with it because they are only going for one type of people, and its women, and the product along with the advertisement is very feminine. Every detail in the advertisement goes along with the message, and it comes across

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