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Analyzing a Web Page Stefanie Leafty BSHS/352 May 6, 2013 Sharon Cross The human service profession is known to provide and promote help with resources within its community. To accomplish this a human service worker needs to know where to look and make sure that the information given is accessible, and accountable. Often times a website is given to a client and the human service worker needs make sure that the website given is helpful and insightful. The website chosen to be analyzed is the United States Social Security Administration or otherwise known as According to Widener University (2012-2013), there are four ways to properly analyze a web page and that is through authority, accuracy, currency, and objectivity. Authority The first way to analyze a web page is through authority. This indicates that the website should state clearly who is responsible for the information posted on the web page. Such things as contact information for the person or group should be clearly specified (Widener University, 2012-2013). On the upper left hand side of the Social Security website there is the logo for the Social Security Administration. There is a tab one can click on for getting contact information like online addresses, phone numbers, e-mail listings, and address where one can write. These things clearly indicate that this website has an authoritative source. Accuracy The second way to analyze a web page is to make sure that the material on the site is accurate. Sometimes website can contain falsehoods, misrepresentations, and lies that lead to links that are not trustworthy (Widener University, 2012-2013). The Social Security website is very professional looking, and it is easy to navigate through. It also lists information for attorneys, useful links (like work and disability benefits), popular services (such as filing W-2’s for

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