Analyzing a Job for Gee Comfort

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Analyzing a Job for Gee Comfort Candice Speaks HRM/531 February 25, 2013 Dr. Anita Orozco Analyzing a Job for Gee Comfort Every company comes to a point where it has to define what jobs are needed. Figuring out the details of the job requires serious analysis. This paper will expand on an interview given to Gloria Speaks owner of a handmade clothing and accessories online store as to a job position she believes needs to be filled. First, A description of the company will be given as well as an explanation of how she came to the realization she needed help, Next, what duties and job performance are required for the job as well as what knowledge and skills should the employee have to be considered for the job. Finally, a full job description will be given in which Gloria can use to describe and advertise the job. The Analysis Gloria Speaks owns her own clothing company called Gee Comfort she mainly sales her products online through Gee Comfort has plenty of handmade knit wear such as scarves, blankets, purses, and pillows. As stated by Speaks, G. (2013) “At Gee Comfort, my mission is to create beautiful, handmade items by stitch of love at a time.” She noticed that she was having a hard time keeping up with orders being made and shipments needing to get out because not only does she run this website and knit/crochet everything by hand, but she also works outside of her small business as a chef. Using the information given to me from the interview as well as knowing how she runs her business from observation. A comprehensive job description has been created that she will be using to advertise and possibly hire someone to assist her. Duties and Performance Requirements Mrs. Speaks took some time to jot down exactly what she needed help with and how she would like the job to be completed. She has also added a couple of duties in
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