Analyzing A Film Essay

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Analyzing a Film Annette Nicholas ENG 225 Steven Ryan August 9, 2010 Choosing a movie to watch and analyze can be directed in a few different ways; by word of mouth from someone who has previously seen it, movie trailers; at the beginning of another movie or on the internet, T.V. commercials, or newspaper articles; here you may also read what the critics have said on their view of the movie. The down fall of some of these, especially the critics, is giving the viewer a misconception or a preconceived notion of the said movie. The first most important element of analyzing a movie is to become a receptive viewer. You must put aside any prejudice you may have toward certain movies. Examples would be someone “who dislikes fantasy movies, might ignore The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King”(Boggs & Petrie, p.9), or a person who may dislike foreign films because they do not like to read the dialogue at the bottom of the screen. The viewer should not go in with certain expectations, due to what they may have seen or heard about the movie from reviews. To truly analyze a movie properly, the viewer should go in with an open mind, looking forward to anything the director is about to show them. They must be willing to view the film for the sake of simply viewing it, being receptive. The next step is to view the movie more than one time. Initially when first viewing a movie, the viewer is caught up in the story as it unfolds. The viewers attention is not on the how’s and why’s of the film maker’s art, but on what is happening in the movie. All their attention is on the unraveling story

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