Analyze Who, According to Lafore, Could Have Prevented the First World War.

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Many mistakes were made building up to a disaster no one ever saw before. Many historians blame specific countries and people, specifically, their decisions that lead to the outbreak of the war. Lafore in “The Long Fuse” mentions Maurice Paleologue , Sir Edward Grey, Sazanov and Germany to be those bullets that could have made decision that might decrease or even destroy the probability of the war. Paleologue was the French Ambassador who according to Lafore could have decreased the propability of the war. Paleologue was to blame for because of his relations with Sazonov. Ambassador repeatedly pressed Sazanov to make a “firm policy” which in a long run hurt them. Maurice Paleologue was a very persuasive man because of his tension with Russia. His intensions were to make a French policy toward Russia, which he did but a very provocative one to Russia to urge for war. According to Lafore the French ambassador went far beyond his diplomatic solidarity. Also Paleologue’s “actions and influences offer a precise counterpart to those of Tschirschky in Vienna. Lafore states that different ambassador might have made different decision, which might lessen, the probability of war. Another significant man to discus then talking about mistakes in World War one is Sir Edward Grey. A British Liberal statesman according to Lafore could have taken a clearer viewpoint, which might have saved the peace in the world. Britain was unsteady about the question if they should enter the war and fight for its allies. Germany didn’t know if Britain was going to war and therefore urged Austrian ultimatum and eventually war. If Sir Edward Grey had taken stronger point of view, Germany would have taken different action towards upcoming war. Some Germans even go beyond that and say that Sir Edward Grey was the actual cause of the war since he mislead the Germany and put them into a position of
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