Analyze What Are the Human Darkness and Impacts in “to Kill a Mocking Bird”?

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To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel by Harper Lee published in 1960, which is renowned for its warmth and humor, despite dealing with the serious issues of rape and racial inequality. In “To kill a Mocking Bird”, human darkness is shown through the prejudice of people, family factor and carelessness. Owing to these factors, it leads to consequences like destroying innocence, compelling children to face adult world . In “To Kill a Mocking Bird”, human darkness can be shown through prejudice, which results in destroying innocence. Lee introduces the black community of narrating the race relations in Maycomb are thrown into crisis by the trial of Tom Robinson. By emphasizing the goodness and solidarity of the black community, Lee describes the prejudiced rampant among Maycomb’s whites in an extremely ugly way. One of the main moral themes of the novel is that of sympathy and understanding, Atticus’s principle that Scout should always try to put herself in someone else’s shoes before she judges them. Yet, the townspeople cannot do this. Lee enables readers to identify with the black community in a way that makes the townspeople’s unwillingness to do so seem stubborn. Simply because of their racial prejudice, the townspeople accept the word of the cruel, for example, letting the ignorant Bob Ewell over that of a decent black man. This indicates prejudice weights over justice in Maycomb. Moreover, according to Jam, who divides Maycomb into four layers of social class and while the Ewells are at the lower part of the social ladder, their accusation is still agreed by the court judges since they are white. This further proves that the prejudice in being a racist towards black do exist harshly, even the poor can accuse the black successfully without any evidence, just because they are white. Despite the fact that Atticus can give proofs like Tom is left-handed while

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